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is anyone here selfhosting a Invidious instance? What are your experiences?

I think I will try to ditch youtube again or at least use a Frontend that is private and unaffected by the algorithm

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I will do a duck cosplay.
So getting a big duck costume, some brand new knifes and then visiting all of you in the middle of the night scratching our window...

Because you all like Halloween... Don't you

Enough social media for now. See you guys later

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Your digital companion for detecting misinformation is now available for testing 🎉

You can now head over to to sign up for the first public #EUNOMIA pilot!

Sartire and Sarcasm 

We are talking a lot about Trump and his new instance today and I thought I would introduce u guys to this timeless self portrayal.

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Just had a thought...

Trump supporters who claim that public healthcare and welfare are communism, will now be using a FLOSS platform that was developed by volunteers for the community.

Kinda hilarious :ablobcatgooglymlem:

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#FolowerPower #ISPConfig
Gibts hier Menschen, die das einsetzen?

Bin mit der Mailkonfiguration irgendwie immer wieder unglücklich.

Singleserver funzt am "besten" ist aber für mich zu riskant. Außerdem wirds eng mit dem Host-/Mailname.

MultiServer bekomme ich hin, doch machen dann Mailman und Webmail Probleme...

Gerne auch per DM.

PS.: in den Foren bin ich nicht leider weiter gekommen.

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hey @AaronTheIssueGuy , a really big fedi family here and we help each other. i think that's really good.💪👏😀

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I am discovering many nice people in the fediverse today :ablobcatattentionreverse:

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Kennt jemensch hier "OpenVAS"?

Ist das irgendwie in ner aktuellen Version zu bekommen?

Alles was ich finde ist irgendwie von 2019 oder älter...

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Is anyone here using friendica? If so: Whats the difference to Mastodon, Pleroma or Misskey?

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A server for nice people 😊