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Just succeded in the theoratical part of my driving license.

@kubikpixel wünschen würdr ich es mir. Halte es aber doch eher für unrealistisch. Das fediverse ist vielen zu komplex.

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I say They should abide to the license or get bust 😂 anyway their 2 test instances have been well trolled and seem to be down 😉

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I probably wont ever touch my setup again. It just works to good rn.

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My dog: 🐕

🐕:Approaches me and lifts my hand

I start crawling him

🐕:He slowly turns around until I reach his butt

I stop crawling him

🔄 repeat 15x

I installed waydroid 1.2 on Ubuntu touch and it works pretty reliably. Definetly usable

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Schönen guten Morgen,
gestern noch einen kurzen Spaziergang in die #Vilswiesen gemacht. Letzte #Sonnenstrahlen vom #Sonnenuntergang

und dann ist sie weg für uns an diesem Tag.

Ich wünsche dir einen entspannten Tag.

#gm #KaffeeVormHaus #WindspielKlingtSanft #fotofuerdieSeele

@levi I was a heavy Reddit user for 1.5 years. I didn’t like how negative I had become and decided to leave the platform for a while. The thing that really helped me in the end was to delete my account.

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I always love websites that block paste feature in forms.

How to discourage the use of strong password generators....

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Pazzesco, ora è ufficiale, il fondatore di Mastodon accusa Trump:

"Il suo nuovo Social è praticamente Mastodon"


Il team di mastodon si sta preparando a far partire azioni legali:


questa è l'immagine tratta dal social di Trump dove è presente l a famosa immagine di errore con elefantino di mastodon!!

#Trump #mastodon

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